Thursday, 31 January 2013


Want to Submit YOUR Photo? 

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 and upload your pic, brand and style of the item, the size you're wearing in the pic, along with your bust-waist-hip measurements, your height and any other information you think might prove useful for other pinup fans!

 What is this whole thing about?

I created this blog because I've spent plenty of time searching for images of real women (and by real, I simply mean regular, everyday women, as opposed to models - this has nothing to do with the size or shape of anyone) wearing items of clothing I'm considering purchasing, because while size guides help a little, they're rarely a true indication of how a garment might fit.

It's great to see how it fits on a model, but many of us are not at all shaped like these models, and we start to wonder, "Will it look good on my bigger bust?" or "How will this look on someone with a bit of a tummy?" or even, "Which size do I go with... I don't seem to fit into any one size properly!"

I've found that comparing women with similar measurements on Facebook groups has helped... and so this blog was born.

With the help of generous pinup fashion fans, I'll share stock photo of a particular item, sharing with you the brand and style... and then follow with photographs of women wearing these items, with their measurements, their height, and the size of the item, to help you compare and see how a garment might fit you.

If you have any special info about the garment you think will be useful, I'd love to hear that too. For example, perhaps the item has extra support in the bust, or is very stretchy or very rigid and provides no stretch. Any information you might have found useful as a buyer, I'd love to have you share.

I hope this blog grows and helps all pinup fans out there!


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