Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hell Bunny, Olivie dress (All Colours)

Brand: Hell Bunny
Style: Olivie dress

 Model Wears size 2XL

Model's Measurements:
42-35-42 inches


107-89-107 cm

Height: 6" or 182.8cm

Notes: Model suggests the fit was perfect, despite having previously been informed that this dress runs small.

 Model wears size 2XL
Model's Measurements:
 51-39-(hips not shared) inches
129.5-99-(hips not shared) cm

Height: 170cm or 5'6"

Model Wears Size: L

Model's Measurements: 
42-32-42 inches
107-82-106 cm

Model's Height: 
5'2'' or 160cm

Notes: This dress has a stretch panel in the back to allow for a larger bust
It's best to purchase this dress based on your waist measurement


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