Thursday, 6 February 2014

Collectif, Dolores Doll Dress (All Prints)

Brand: Collectif
Style: Dolores Doll Dress (All Prints) 

 Model wears size 12

Model's Measurements:
40-33-43 inches
101-84-109 cm

Model's Height: 5'2'' or 157cm

Notes: Model notes that the waist was very tight for the first wear, but relaxed with time. She also noted that the back hem sits higher than the front, and has found similar issues with other Dolores dresses in the past. 

Model wears size 20
Model's Measurements:
 51-39-(hips not shared) inches
129.5-99-(hips not shared) cm

Height: 170cm or 5'6"
Notes: Model is wearing a Hell Bunny belt in the photograph


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